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"I have struggled for so long with feeling responsible for other people's behaviour for so long, especially with the way I was raised. This week's newsletter was very helpful for me."


"The newsletter that I got today was fire, I couldn't put it down!"


"Newsletter was the first thing I read this morning like the paper. This is truly helping my healing journey and I'm really thankful for your work."


"Your newsletter is just wonderful!! I always enjoy it when reading it.🙏🏽"


"I've subscribed to your newsletter and I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Your are helping me change my life. You're amazing"


"I love love love your newsletters, it feels like your talking right to me and it's so comforting."


“I loved today’s newsletter on how to date as an anxious love seeker - #triggered! I found the journal prompts helpful and the whole thing really resonated with me. Can’t wait for more.”


I know these are set for every Tuesday but yet when I see the email I am surpised, it’s like a weekly treat. I love your newsletter, It has helped me tremendously. As humans we all wouldn’t see things the same way but yet still I’m still able to take from what you say to suit it for what’s best for me.


"I subscribed to the newsletter and it's the best thing I've ever read. I'm loving it and I know for sure I'll be good soon...all thanks to you."


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