You Lower Your Self-Esteem With Your Negative Self-Talk

You Lower Your Self-Esteem With Your Negative Self-Talk
Photo by Sir Manuel on Unsplash

Everyone who has successfully boosted their self-esteem has had to learn how to manage their negative self-talk.

When I first started my personal growth journey, the first thing that I focused on was changing how I speak to myself. It was my sole focus for a few months, and it's made a massive difference.

You take your power back once you eliminate or significantly reduce your negative self-talk. You feel good about yourself more often. You dare to do things that you wouldn't have ordinarily done.

And probably, more importantly, you become your own support system as you work to work through your other toxic behaviours.

This post is the first post of many future posts regarding overcoming negative self-talk. Think of it as a foundation post.

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