Anxiety, intuition or self-sabotaging?

Anxiety, intuition or self-sabotaging?
Photo by Callum Skelton on Unsplash

"Am I self-sabotaging, or am I just noticing red flags?"

"Is it my anxiety, or is my intuition trying to tell me something?"

Sound familiar? If you're anxiously attached, there's a great possibility that you struggle to tell the difference between your intuition and your anxiety. Throw in the fact that you're now aware that you're a self-saboteur, and things can get confusing quickly.

Let's jump into how you can fix this.


Your intuition, or gut feeling, is subtle. You hear or witness something and think, "hmm, something isn't right." That thought can sit in the back of your head for days or weeks without it ever intensifying. There's no urgency to take action, and there's no obsessive rumination. Assuming that you don't gaslight yourself, you can rationally consider the facts (if any) that support the "something isn't right" feeling and initiate a conversation or make a decision based on your information.

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