A Word On Taking Responsibility

A Word On Taking Responsibility
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Back in February, I posted a TikTok about how the guy I was dating years ago was slow-fading me. Instead of taking the hint and ending the relationship, I spent weeks obsessively asking him if he was still interested.

For those who don't know, a slow fade is when someone decides they're no longer interested in you. Instead of just ending things, they reduce contact and time spent with you in hopes that you'll get the hint or eventually, they just cut you off.

That video, and the one I'd posted 24 hours prior, took my account from 6k followers to 30k within two weeks.

That video resonated with a lot of people.

At the time, it was one of my most commented-on videos. Half of the comments on the video were from people who said they were going through the same thing. The other half were from people who said he should've been a man and just ended things.

Maybe people were trying to spare my feelings, but of the hundreds of comments, not a single person mentioned that I didn't have to let the relationship drag on.

I could've accepted his inconsistent ways as proof he's no longer interested and ended things.

I let things drag on for months hoping we'd be happy like we were before. They didn't go back to the way they were. He got a girlfriend, and it wasn't me.

He didn't end things with me and even after I found out about his girlfriend I stuck around wondering why he chose her over me, feeling bad about myself and wishing he'd want to be with me.

We didn't see each other in person anymore. I was settling for sparodic text messages throughout the day while hoping for something more. All the while wondering why it was never me that got the happy ending

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