Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not getting emails. What's the problem?

First, make sure you have emails turned on. Some people unsubscribe accidentally. Go to your account (click here) and ensure emails are toggled on.

Second, check your spam and junk folders. Search "" in your inbox and make sure the emails aren't going to a separate folder. If they are, be sure to mark them as important or open and reply to an email, which will teach your inbox you like us.

Finally, it could be that your account has been deleted. I do account clean-ups every 8-12 weeks. Free subscribers who have an open rate of 0% are deleted. As of 2023, accounts with an open rate of less than 5% are deleted.

When are newsletters sent out?

Every Tuesday at approximately 1:00 pm U.K. time

How can I comment on a post?

Log into your account. Also, at the bottom of each email, a link prompts you to log in and leave a comment.

Do you take reader submissions?

Yup. Email me at, and I’ll make a note of your suggestion. There are no guarantees, but I do my best to fit in reader requests where I can. If I need to find an expert to interview, this may extend the time it takes to meet your request.

Can you delete my data?

Yup, send an email to with the subject "Delete Account", and I'll make sure you're removed from the system.