Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not getting emails. What is the problem?

First, make sure you have emails turned on. Some people unsubscribe accidentally. Go to your account (click here) and make sure emails are toggled on.

Second, check your spam and junk folders. Search "" in your inbox and make sure the emails aren't going to a separate folder. If they are, be sure to mark them as important or open and reply to an email, which will teach your inbox you like us.

If neither of these work, send me an email at with the subject line "Subscription issue" and we'll figure it out.

When are newsletters sent out?

Every Tuesday at approximately 1:00 pm U.K. time

When are the #DatingDiaries sent out?

Every Monday at approximately 9:00 pm U.K. time

When is the advice column sent out?

Every Friday at approximately 9:00 pm U.K. time

How can I comment on a post?

You must be logged in to your account to leave a comment. Also, at the bottom of each email there’s a link prompting you to login and leave a comment.

What happens if I cancel my free trial?

You'll continue to have access to content for the duration of your free trial. Your email address will remain on our records and every so often we'll extend you an invitation to join a premium tier.

How can I submit a question to be answered?

Reply to any newsletter with your question. Please note that there’s no guarantee that your question will be answered or that it will be answered within a set timeframe (i.e. the following newsletter).

Do you take reader submissions?

Yup. Write me an email at and I’ll make note of your suggestion. There’s no guarantees but I do my best to fit in reader requests where I can.

I'd like a refund. What should I do?

Refunds are given in a select few circumstances. Send an email to with the subject line "Refund" for further assistance.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Of course you can. Once you've cancelled your membership you'll have access to premium content for the duration of the subscription period. After this, your details will remain on our system and every so often we'll invite you back to a premium tier.

Please note that unsubscribing from the newsletter does not cancel your premium subscription. If you wish to cancel your membership you must log in to your account do this. Alternatively, you can send a request via email.

Can you delete my data?

Yup, just send an email to with the subject "Delete Account" and I'll make sure you're removed from the system.