About The Shift

The Shift is a weekly self-help newsletter read by over 5,000 people in 90+ countries around the world. The number one goal is to help people like you free themselves from codependency and move from an anxious-attachment style to a secure-attachment style. It’s both raw and transformative.

How I help you

By being transparent. The main newsletter is where I share my personal experiences with you and specifically share what’s helped me so that you can try it too.

Interviewing qualified experts. I don’t know everything and I don't pretend to. #SpecialGuest is an ongoing series where I interview qualified experts who share their take, provide you with exercises and share useful tips.

Eliminating Confusion. Every Friday I answer your questions in my advice column. I try to answer the ones that I think will have the most impact on readers. Don't be shy, send me your questions.

Introducing you to new interests and people. A big part of overcoming codependency is having interests outside of the relationship. That’s why hosting virtual and in-person events is an important part of what I do. This is your chance to find a new hobby, connect with new friends or just think about something other than your relationship for a few hours.

Giving you a playbook. The Dating 101 series includes a weekly masterclass specifically to help you tackle common dating problems you'll face as someone overcoming their anxious attachment. Plus, at the end of each video I provide you with updates about my current dating journey.

Reminding you that you’re not alone. I interview The Shift readers as often as I can so that they can share their stories and inspire change within you. My hope is that at least one of these stories resonates with you in a way that my story can’t.

Listening to your needs. You can reply to any newsletter and let me know what you’d like to see next, features you’d like to see. I can’t guarantee anything but I keep a running list of suggestions and newsletter topics. Additionally, every so often I invite my most loyal readers to a Chill & Chat. Chill & Chats are our chance to connect 1-to-1. I can thank you for your support, hear any feedback that you have and we can just chill.

Why isn't this free?

Sustaining and growing this newsletter requires more than time, it requires money. Truthfully, I can't do this without you. Finding and vetting advertisers and sponsors take away from the time I could be spending making The Shift better for you. Your subscription helps to keep this thing alive. It allows me to get paid for my work (and employ people in the future) and it allows me to make The Shift better for you and future readers.

Meet The Creator

Hey, I’m Kimeka. In October 2019 I stumbled on an in-depth Reddit post that mentioned anxious-attachment. That post helped change my life. Ever since that night I've been doing the work required to heal. And I've been doing a damn good job.

I created The Shift because I wanted to help other people experience the joy and relief that comes with healing attachment wounds. My dream is to create the most trusted independent publication geared to healing codepdency and anxious-attachment. I hope that this newsletter propels you forward in your personal growth journey.