7 Tips To Make Having Difficult Conversations Easier

7 Tips To Make Having Difficult Conversations Easier
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Difficult conversations are essentially any conversation that you don't want to have, but more often than not, are the most important ones to have.

They're the ones that make you feel the most vulnerable. The ones that run the highest risk of hurting someone else, even if it's someone you care about.

But they can also be the ones that finally get you the relationship that you want. Or finally, help you stand up for yourself the next time someone tries to get one over on you.

With most "difficult conversations" you either have something incredible to gain or something incredible to lose. Sometimes it's a combination of both.

Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to have difficult conversations.

Set your goals

What’s the point of having the conversation? You should know the answer to this question before even starting the discussion. Are you hoping to get clarity, reassurance, a solution to a problem or something different? Knowing this beforehand will help you gauge whether or not the discussion was successful. If, for example, you’re seeking clarity on something, at the end of the conversation you’re still confused, you know that you need to regroup and revisit the conversation. It's okay if reaching your set goal requires multiple conversations.

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